Strategic Management & Planning

Strategic Management & Planning (SM&P) Department

Strategy Revision and Organogram Readjustment

  1. Saaf Pani is well defined as a project, but as an organization, company does need a well-defined vision, mission, goals and objectives. Strategic Management & Planning Department will fill in that gap. In addition to doing the needful for delivering individual projects, we need to strategize and club various related projects into programs (geographically), to ensure requisite benefits are realized and they align with organizational strategy (which is currently under development). After having developed the strategy, we will develop policy and a portfolio of all programs and projects, which will define program strategies and realign project objectives. Operationally we will not only be running the whole show but will be doing some in-house cementing effort by monitoring and evaluating the outcome of various programs but also analyzing through geographic information system (GIS).
    1. Organizational Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives and Strategies and policy Formulation, e.g. identification and coordination with donner agencies, which will be both upward and downward with end users engagement.
    2. Developing a Portfolio of all Programs and Projects clearly defining program outcomes/benefits and project outputs/deliverables.
    3. Assign Strategic goals to each program.
    4. Assist programs in developing their strategies and define respective related projects.
    5. Guiding Project Planning Department in Program and Project planning and handling.
    6. Monitoring and Evaluating the Programs / independent Projects for strategy alignment.
    7. Conducting quantitative and qualitative analysis using statistical tools and GIS.
    8. Evaluating strategies and re-strategizing with respect to changing environmental factors.
    9. Ensure strategic alignment with sustainable development goals.
  2. To make this happen, direct involvement and buy-in of executive board in strategy formalization will be required, as well as organogram has to be slightly adjusted. The list of additional individuals required and their acquisition plan will be presented.