Punjab has been firmly put on the path of high economic growth under the able leadership of Honourable Chief Minister Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif. Today, Punjab province, being at the centre of economic activities, is the epitome of the continuous efforts of its Government and peoples to reach the highest standards in accomplishment of mega programmes.

Punjab is currently a hot zone for international and local investors to tap available opportunities that this province has to offer and vision of the Punjab Government is to offer multiple-pronged conducive business environment in the province so that its people can enjoy economic prosperity and high living standards in years to come. Punjab Saaf Pani Company has been established to accomplish and fulfill the vision of Chief Minister Punjab Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif to provide safe drinking water to the marginalized communities in the province.

Provision of safe drinking water to the masses in the province is a pioneer project of the worthy Chief Minister of the Punjab. The determination and commitment by the Chief Minister Punjab for this unique initiative would result in fulfilling his quest to serve the people of Punjab and improving their lifestyle by providing necessary amenities of life at their doorstep.

The passion of the Chief Minister demands provision of planned and clean water supply solutions on a sustainable basis. We at Punjab Saaf Pani Company are making all-out efforts towards the achievement of vision of Chief Minister of the Punjab to transform lives of teeming millions across the province. Khadim-e-Punjab Saaf Pani Programme is bound to set precedent for others to follow.

We hope to continue to derive strength from the support and goodwill of hundreds of families living across the province to serve them in an improved manner. We hope to fulfill masses dreams to enjoy amenities of life. We are following a core philosophy of providing cutting edge-solutions to the people belonging to lower income strata and trying to supplement the same with a level of service that is unprecedented.

We are determined that under the dynamic leadership of the Punjab Chief Minister, peoples of the province will enjoy true fruits of development and every single penny will be spent on programmes and projects aimed at their prosperity.

Kashif Padhiar